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Practising gratitude.

While I am in the process of educating myself, I will be starting a new column on the blog on 'motherhood' and share with you some of the tips and advice that I gradually begin to apply on my daily life in preparation for a potential pregnancy. Welcoming change, especially those changes coming with new motherhood, can be challenging. You may feel lost and if it's your first time -like me- you may not even know where to begin. Put focus on yourself, begin with getting to know you better and try and look at the areas of your life beyond your own body that are about to change. Once you learn gratitude and you incorporate it in your life, you will be able to wholly welcome these changes, rather

A road-trip into the wilderness of the south.

Whenever I return into the wilderness of the south, I always feel the same mystique sensation; a photographer's dreamscape. It's totally different than anything I have experienced before here in England. There is something about the soft light lying low over the series of tree tunnels and green fields continuously appearing around the province. Even the heaviest rain can seem irresistible blending with the blue dim light along the little picturesque villages that date hundreds and hundreds of years. The coziness of a friendly country pub, the simplicity of the slow-living English style, the warmth of the villagers welcoming you in their peaceful cottages or into their old fashioned pubs. The

My post-quarantine closet.

Quarantine period ended up being a tricky phase for me. I tried to stay positive and get excited thinking of the future, but at the same time I caught myself getting frustrated with all my body changes and the extra weight I gained. Nothing really fits anymore! During the lockdown period, comfort has been the key. What were you guys wearing during all this time we have spent inside? Quarantine found me in full-time pjs, no make-up on and messy hair. That's my own way of feeling like 'being at home'. Until the day arrived, that I needed to go outside. This was the moment I realised I can't button my old jeans anymore. Today I am sharing with you 9 pieces of clothing for slow-living, perfect f

My 10+1 'Summer' movies for August.

Besides the uncertainty of our times, seasons still come and go. And while some of us are taking their chances traveling around the world and enjoying the powdered gold sunshine, others are still in self-isolation waiting for the better days to come. The presence of summer could have not been any stronger these days though, so accompanying the heatwave I am sharing with you a selection of movies from my 'summer' movies list that bring out to me this bitter sweet summer sensation. 'Summer' has a very personalised meaning for each one of us, so watch keeping an open mind. Whether you are currently enjoying long evenings under the hot Mediterranean sun, or you are melting under the rising 34C t

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