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My favourite 5 sustainable baby clothing brands.

Sustainability encompasses a range of things, from supporting and creating a sustainable ecosystem, to environmental protection, to investing in a long-term economic development between else. When it comes to baby clothing, sustainability needs to ensure quality as well, pieces that survive within time with the potential to be passed on to other kids in the future. Babies grow incredibly quickly and require a lot of changes of clothes on a daily basis. Hence, all pieces must be durable to frequent washes and not only. So it's important to keep some of this in mind when buying new or vintage baby clothing. In order to get a bit greener for my future buys, I have picked out some adorable and a

My top 5 weekly buys.

It's one of those weeks again that I feel like I need all the time in the world. Days are passing quickly and there are simply not enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do! I continuously find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to endeavour delving into, all the books I want to read, all the things I want to prepare in time, all the walks I want to take, and all the people I want to see! Kudos to online shopping, my real saviour! Even though most of this week's items I purchased in person. Enjoy :) 1) Printed Organic Cotton -in blue, white and yellow- Hat, Baby-grow and Blanket, COS, £10, £19 and £25 Not online, you can probably still purchase them from the COS Sto

cot, moses basket, crib, bassinet or a hammock?

You are super excited about setting up your baby's sleeping area. Wondering whether the baby will need its own nursery room from the very beginning, or may as well stay at mommies and/or daddies' room. There is such a variety of bedding furniture one could be looking into, it can become overwhelming! We are currently going through an in between phase, not knowing where we will be settling in the following year, so we are leaning towards the option of bassinets or a smaller crib for the first 6 months. We both agree that babies definitely need to stay with mommy and daddy for the first few months, hence no need for a nursery room for the time being. Lucky us! The crib -or any other bedding op

Ode to my other half.

Recently, I'd been asking Carlos for some inspiration, ideas on what to write about next. He was insisting 'Why don't you write about me your lovely husband?' I know he was just trying to be silly and sometimes he is such a true narcissist -always in a funny way- but then I thought why not! It's obviously impossible to try and put together the sum of so many emotions, so I will try and keep it simple. Agapi, I hope you are happy with minimal. Carlos is the type of person that will get you flowers on his own birthday. He will send you flowers at work to cheesily embarrass you in front of your colleagues and he doesn't like formularised concepts; the obvious kind of thing. He thinks it's passé

My top 5 weekly buys.

Another week down, another week closer. This week's buys include a little bit of everything, from beauty products to the best support gear to prevent back pain, down to my selected book for the week. Not looking very pretty this week, but definitely aiming at good quality products. 1) Roseglowing Potion, 1x Hydrogel Sheet Mask, Maskologist London, £23.50 Time to look after myself for a change. This supper gentle, free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, PABA, petrolatum, paraffin, DEA and animal ingredients hydrogel mask supports your skin by healing and tighten it at the same time. After using this mask, you will enjoy a smoother and softer skin with the bonus of long-lasting hydration

Leaving our home being like.

I am not getting attached to material things, necessarily. If it comes down to memories, then there is nothing that can be done. They are timeless. We've started packing this past few days. Still can't believe it's time to move out of our precious flat, although it's definitely time to move on! With every box we are packing up, a handful of echos; every empty shelf a fairly sharpened knife in my chest. Space is like the 'spiritual dimension of architecture'. It should be able to stimulate you. We gradually build our individual home; a space that excites our imagination or help us relax. Through time, we create spaces build on framed memories, experiences, echos, emotions. We create the spac

What's the nicest thing someone has told you recently?

~ I love you very much, so you know. You are the only person that I know of, whom I can talk to without the fear of being judged. You focus on the other person's problem a hundred per cent, unconditionally~ Nothing is more precious than being present and in the moment. To just listen and be fully aware. To try and understand. What else can anyone ask for. I never thought about it much, I never realised I had the quality -if I indeed do have it. I guess deep inside I could be wishing someone would someday do this for me too. There are only five words that could help relieve someone's hopelessness and they mean so much more than a simple I love you. I am here for you. Just being there for some

Signs you are overdoing it.

Being pregnant and working at the same time. Sounds like your body and brain have two jobs to do, your full time job and growing a new life. Both are tiring and I bet most women would wish at some stage during their pregnancies for a more flexible work schedule or some time off from their routine jobs. Most times though, working full time throughout the whole 9 months of your pregnancy is inevitable. What are the signs that you could be overdoing it? Your health and safety during work is your number one priority. You and your boss need to make sure that your working environment is safe from obstacles like loose cables, and does not intensifies aches, worsen your posture or over-exhaust you.

My top 5 weekly buys.

Is there such a thing as too soon? I wouldn't know. As the day towards parenthood is approaching we are gradually preparing ourselves and getting equipped with the necessary gear and not only. I would say there is no limit to what first time parents would consider necessary. Everything is extra adorable. Towards the end of the second trimester sounds like a good time for new parents to start purchasing tiny little clothies and necessities for their approaching baby. Here's my favourite pieces from what I purchased this past week. 1) Petite Cream & Oatmeal Remi Dummy Clip, Sienna Designs Co, £10.99 2) Silicone Dummy Case, Sienna Designs Co, £12.99 3) BIBS Twin Packs, Size 1/0-6 months, Sienna

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