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Learning to cope with body changes.

It is not a great time to keep tabs on exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Now imagine if your body also had to go through a time of significant physical change as well. If you have hang-ups about what pregnancy will do to your body, I feel you. As months come and go, it may seem hard to keep up with all the changes your body is undergoing from head to toe. You may find difficult to adjust to your changing, growing body. You start worrying whether you will ever manage to get back your pre-pregnancy body shape or if those stretch marks that started popping up will stay with you forever. But let's focus on the bright side. Our bodies are amazing and capable of achieving a miracle!

How have our plans changed.

Don't get me wrong. I still love this city. I love this apartment beyond all limitations. And I love all the moments spent here with what I call 'my little family'. But this world is not yesterday's world, nor is it tomorrow's. Before March we never had to think enough of the limited space issues, the world was right outside; endless space with no boundaries. When this was not an option anymore, a lot of things were brought into question. Suddenly we started spending so much time indoors, and up to this moment our homes had never appeared to be of such vital importance. Halfway through the lockdown we started weighing multiple life-changing opportunities. The beginning of summer found us con

Tomorrow is cancelled.

The last couple of days I can't stop thinking about how different my life could have been at this moment in time if coronavirus had never made an appearance. For too long now, I tried not to overthink over what ifs. I continued living every single day as it was coming my way. Today, I reached a point where I am predominantly concerned about all the things I had been missing out on. Today, I am kind of mourning. Mourning for the things we have lost during the past 6 months. All the things we will be keep missing for the following days, months, or even years. I miss the personal contact with people. From my closest ones to my far acquaintances. I miss having conversations, laughing on each oth

What I call FOSM.

FOSM -or else Fear Of Stretch Marks- is one of the biggest nightmares of every pregnant woman. While your body is transforming in uncontrollable and unexpected ways you begin to fear that sooner or later stretch marks will start making their appearance. The question is 'Can they really be prevented'? Researchers say that between 75 to 90 per cent of all women develop stretch marks at some point during their pregnancies. We all know of people that have tried every possible solution and still got them, and people that did absolutely nothing and their skin couldn't have been any less flawless. At the end of the day, I believe it's a combination of good genes and a healthy lifestyle. In a nutshe

Let's talk colours.

On a previous post I brought up the tendency of people to lean towards the colours of pink and blue as a rule, depending on their baby's gender. Whether for decorating their nursery rooms, buying clothes and toys for their little ones, or even for their baby shower and gender reveal parties. People can be quite absolute around certain stereotypes, so I would like to put some focus on the wider importance of the notion of colour. The importance of colour in human psychology and behavioural development is today undoubtable. Colours have qualities and can cause certain emotions to people. They can influence human perception, mood and behaviour and stimulate the brain and body. Hence colours can

How to 'green' your cabinet.

Your skin is your largest organ and is a permeable barrier, which means it absorbs whatever you put on it. If you are planning for a new pregnancy, and especially if you are currently pregnant and during your first 12 weeks it is wise to switch to non-toxic products. Your products don't have to be 100 per cent organic, but they should by all means be 100 per cent non-toxic. So check your labels and let's have a look on some of the ingredients you should start avoiding and why. PARABENS Look for methyl-, isobutyl-, propyl-, etc These preservatives prevent the growth of bacteria and dirsupti the normal behavior of estrogen FORMALDEHYDE Look for quaternium-15, DMDM hydantion, imidazolidinyl ure


I have felt fear before. The fear of losing someone I love. The fear of being alone. The fear of failure or of not being good enough. The fear of the infinite or the fear of not having enough time. Yet, I have never felt this uncanny feeling that embodies all the above fears in one single emotion. For the past 7 months, I am constantly under the spell of this new phobia. The fear of all fears. It's been dominating me for so long now I can't even remember how life used to be before it even started calling the shots. Throughout this time I wandered through different stages of fear and anxiety, I felt vulnerable and overwhelmed but eventually, the outcome was always the same. Fearaphobia! This

Mindful shower.

Water is the driving force of all nature! It has the power to wash off your pain, your anger, your stress. Whether in the form of tears, of rain or a bath, it always makes you feel better. So never underestimate its power. For me, water has always been my sort of cure for everything. Its where I regain my sanity. It's simply revitalizing! Who doesn't love the sound of pounding water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall. How powerful! Today I will be sharing the 5 steps of mindfully showering with you, from my meditation journal. The power of meditating is all about keeping you focused and present. Starting or ending your day with a mindful bath helps you feel more grounded and allows you

5 neutral gender shops to begin your journey to motherhood.

Is it pink or blue? Since the 19th century the colors pink and blue have been used as gender signifiers, particularly when it came to babies and young children. But when did pink and blue become so gender specific? Up until the beginning of the 20th century, both sexes used to wear easily bleached white dresses until the age of 6, meaning that gender neutral clothing was the norm -these mums knew what they were doing. Since then, things have slowly shifted and gradually we settled to where we are today. From baby clothes, to the design of your baby's new nursery room, to baby showers people tend to choose between these two colors to get prepared and in the mood for welcoming their babies. Pe

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