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Forever is just a moment.

He pauses in the middle of random nights, stares silently into my eyes and says 'I love you, forever'. And I respond to him, 'forever, is only a moment; let's live it up'. True story. These days I get asked on a consistent basis, how's married life. It's as if everyone's expecting us to change into something completely new. I remember myself asking the same question before. Suddenly, the nature of this question surprises me, unexpectedly. I am guessing people must've been searching for answers to this since the beginning of humankind. What's the secret to a successful and happy marriage? When we decided on forever, we didn't have all the answers. We set our hopes on time instead. Time always

Break time. Back soon!

A few weeks after returning home from our recent getaway, we've already ended up going away; again! We've got used of being on the move so much, that the urge to travel is always there, even when the body says no! Last night I found myself admitting to Carlos that I feel like Beyonce, or something. I don't remember when was the last time I spent a week at home, or more than a day without actually doing something that requires some effort. I came to the realisation that we spend our lives between cities, our days between working and commuting. Luggage on one hand, passport on the other. Our friends and families are spread all over the world. A short or a long flight away. We sleep very little

How to lose your sanity over scent-ity.

So many things are happening right now and it feels like time is passing by at the speed of light. At times, it’s even hard to keep sane considering all the things that are happening, simultaneously. Let alone take good care of ourselves; mind and body. It’s true. What is my absolute favourite part when it comes to beauty tips is when nature gets involved. I am so excited to be sharing with you some of the techniques that I am practicing recently! With the arrival of each new season our skin and hair are changing tone, texture, and could become healthier or worse. It is important even at busy times to maintain a good health inside out. And I am a huge supporter of 'doing whatever makes you a

+ Identity, in the digital world

For most people the new year technically begins on the first of January; but for me, it has long-been the first signs of fall that officially declare the start of a new beginning. Since a very young age I naturally began to think of the calendar year as September to September. I consider my first grade teacher partially responsible for this; and also for the fact that I take rainy weather as extremely motivating. Around this time of the year, most likely I do a lot of thinking. Whether it's a waste of time or not no one can tell. Late summer look in beige and leather jacket/Zara+H&M, Orange Leather Dragonne Pouch/Céline Not so very long ago, social media was a completely undiscovered world f

KIbS - Join the community!

Happy Sunday morning friends and potential new KIbS members. Autumn is almost officially here. This summer has been full of adventures, some serious work got done and Carlos and I have taken a step forward in life. Throughout August, I have been furiously making plans. I slowed down traveling and life and tried refocusing and setting some business goals. I'll be sharing more about what’s in the works over the next several weeks, but first: the launch of Knowledge Increases by Sharing Community! As I write this, I’m in the midst of setting up an invitation for future members and arranging the details of this exciting new idea. Gathering people together and creating a space for conversation, c

Planner 2019-20.

Amazing! How has another year passed by so quickly and suddenly we are already two weeks into the new working year. Time flies, especially when your everyday life is filled to the brim! I love how this time of the year is all about regrouping and setting new goals. Now let's see what we will manage to achieve this coming year. #ootd total black look/Zara, headband/Topshop, Leather Oyster Hobo bag/Fendi I was just going through my 2019 calendar, and realised that I still have things on my to do list since 2016! Some are still on the top of the list. I suppose they are not that important after all. For 2019 I found it easier to organise my year with 'a list a day' planner. Made my life way eas

Longing for holidays

Life's a bit chaotic these days. Summer is almost gone, and that means autumn is in full swing! I couldn't be more excited welcoming my favourite season. It's the most wonderful time of the year! I've been trying to make an effort to slow down this month, but life's responsibilities seem to persistently popping up. My desire for rest and escape is now stronger than ever. We were supposed to be holidaying somewhere else those last couple of August's weeks, but unfortunately that trip had to be postponed. Instead, we chose to cross the ocean towards a different direction and spend a few days surrounded by nature, recharging ourselves for the new season. For me, work is as essential as my coffe

The revival of a Cypriot wedding | Part II

On a previous post I talked about the summary of the preparations of the groom and bride during a traditional Cypriot wedding. Prior to the ceremony, the two of them are separately getting ready and celebrated by their families and friends. Religion is strong in small countries as such, and is usually one and the same with culture and tradition when it comes to this type of events. Note: All the pictures are low quality, unedited and given by our guests. All the customs shown in the pictures and videos below are indicative. Handmade details made by the bride with love The parents of the bride will give her away to the groom in front of the church and they then walk up the aisle together. The

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