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'Women in Architecture'

I was going through the AJ magazine this morning. An older issue for 'Women in Architecture'. It was not long after that Carlos asked sarcastically: 'Have you ever seen a magazine titled Men in Architecture?' It was indeed one of the very few moments that I didn't have a response. And as usual it got me thinking. Is talking about a problem becoming more of a problem? Why going through the hassle of talking about gender equality and workplace female discrimination when the balance of power is still uneven! I firmly believe that every woman who has taken her job seriously has experienced this 'problem' at least once. As I am also certain that in more competitive countries this phenomenon appea

Weekend therapy.

What an exciting and productive weekend it's been! Carlos and I are working together to put our home in order and I couldn't be more satisfied with the progress. Slow, but steady. Coming back to London after our wedding, we spent the first month having friends visiting and although we felt so thankful receiving all their love, I must say I felt exhausted. This month, we are finally taking as many weekends possible to recharge ourselves and re-organise our little home. Today, I actually felt that I am getting back into the groove after almost two years: cleaning my wardrobe, propagating my plants, enjoying a nice meal with my husband. That's a new one! We live in a very small flat, so everyth

Slow Living Days

Remember those slow living days? They seem to be so far gone now. I get the feeling that autumn weather will inevitably arrive though. Until then, I am on inspiration overload to make a few ideas possible. I know I am just starting writing on this blog -and probably is going to take me a while until I get the hang of it and after un-posting my first 40 posts- but I am planning to make a habit out of it. So stay put and don't pay too much attention on those first shares. I am still learning how to use this thing. Lol I am certainly not a blog expert, and I have no idea where to begin with, but I want to give it a try. So from September onwards, between university and work I am planning to mak

N1C - The hottest postcode in London

Thomas Heatherwick completed, not so long ago, his most recent project in London, the Coal Drops Yard. The restoration of the two Victorian warehouses transformed the former industrial site into a new retail centre and public space. And some details of it are just wow! This week, the new Samsung exhibition shop and space just opened its doors on the top floor, and during the weekend we passed by to pay our respects. We ended up spending more than an hour watching movies, playing video games and we went crazy with the interactive activities and VR installations that are taking place there at the moment. Not to mention the views from the top! Cameras just love that building! Wait till Septembe

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