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S L O W A N D E R L U S T E R is a blog devoted to daily slow wandering and storytelling, travel, architecture, lifestyle, and finding the beauty of any kind in the everyday. 

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Planner 2019-20.

Amazing! How has another year passed by so quickly and suddenly we are already two weeks into the new working year. Time flies, especially when your everyday life is filled to the brim! I love how this time of the year is all about regrouping and setting new goals. Now let's see what we will manage to achieve this coming year.

#ootd total black look/Zara, headband/Topshop, Leather Oyster Hobo bag/Fendi

I was just going through my 2019 calendar, and realised that I still have things on my to do list since 2016! Some are still on the top of the list. I suppose they are not that important after all. For 2019 I found it easier to organise my year with 'a list a day' planner. Made my life way easier as I am not much of a digital calendar type of person.

The past year has been a difficult one, and while we had beautiful things to look forward to, life has made sure to give us reality checks every so often. I guess it is what it is and there is very little we can actually do about it. This reminds me how I should start taking care of myself a little bit more. Time to devote some time to a healthier lifestyle. I really am missing swimming, but I always found it hard to do so in London. I am aiming to get back into my yoga routine and if time permits continue practising contemporary ballet. It's already hard enough dragging myself to the gym during lunch breaks. For some inexplicable reason I always find going to the gym incredibly depressing, until I actually get there!

More dilemmas in our life regarding our home. Should we rent or buy a bigger flat or should we stay where we are for a while longer? Or should we move to Cyprus and build our own house? We have been thinking of so many different scenarios for years now. We even thought of moving to NY for a while. Just for the fun of it. But time is passing by quickly and we feel that our need for stability is growing even bigger. Do you guys have all the answers you usually need? What is really the best way to decide?

I have a million and one things to do but I still want to add one last thing on my list. One of my goals is to try and create a small community for female designers. The more time passes by, the more I realise that I used to be more knowledgeable of things once. Living and working in a demanding city as such doesn't allow any space for constructive criticism, interchanging insights and communicating ideas. My aim is to create a community where this could be possible. I have already talked to a couple of friends about it and in the next month we will be putting together ideas to start the club asap! Stay tuned!

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