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S L O W A N D E R L U S T E R is a blog devoted to daily slow wandering and storytelling, travel, architecture, lifestyle, and finding the beauty of any kind in the everyday. 

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I N S T A - S L O W A N D E R L U S T E R

KIbS - Join the community!

Happy Sunday morning friends and potential new KIbS members. Autumn is almost officially here. This summer has been full of adventures, some serious work got done and Carlos and I have taken a step forward in life. Throughout August, I have been furiously making plans. I slowed down traveling and life and tried refocusing and setting some business goals. I'll be sharing more about what’s in the works over the next several weeks, but first: the launch of Knowledge Increases by Sharing Community!

As I write this, I’m in the midst of setting up an invitation for future members and arranging the details of this exciting new idea. Gathering people together and creating a space for conversation, community, and creativity to thrive is so stimulating, and I want to share that with others! London could be considered as one of the biggest world art centres, yet living and working in a demanding city as such doesn't always allow much space for constructive criticism, interchanging insights and communicating different points of view. KIbS is an independent, non-profit club for passionate female designers or anyone with an artistic sensitivity, dedicated to ideas exchange through organised art visits, activities and talks.

Earlier this summer I invested some time on self-evaluation and I tried to make an honest assessment of where I currently am career wise. I asked myself multiple times if what I am doing today is bringing me closer to where I want to be tomorrow. A few years back, I was feeling that I had a crystal clear path that I wanted to follow. I was ready for it. Life kicked in though, and I guess what they say it's true; life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. And then it became clear to me. I had lost my path. You think you know things, but you don't anymore. It's all gone. You mature, but you don't have time to acquire, absorb, assimilate, digest new things that you don't need to. We don't need to learn so many, but what if we want to!

So, here I am today, sharing a bit more about KIbS. My goal for this community is to explore creativity, together with each other, to introduce ourselves in a more inventive life. How to infuse our lives with beauty and intellectualism and become more knowledgeable of things. All in pursuit of increasing knowledge by sharing!

Everyone must've heard of Zaha Hadid or Amanda Levete, and some must be familiar with Ray Eames maybe even Lina Bo Bardi. What about the contribution of all the rest female designers, however? Despite an evident and dynamic culture of female-led design in London, the role of women in the architectural profession and not only, is all too often underplayed. I am aiming to create a small community where ideas could grow with time and where everyone would feel safe to express their concerns and be heard without judgement. No strings attached.

We know most of us have really busy lives, so the plan is to start meetings on a monthly basis. If you really have an interest in sharing and/or gaining knowledge and you are eager to be a dedicated member, we expect to see you. Shy members are also welcome to join. Our goal is for everyone to feel free to express themselves the way the feel the most comfortable with. Potentially, through this process everyone will gain the confidence to speak their opinion out loud at some stage and improve their language and communicating skills too. I am so grateful for the support and encouragement that women have been showing so far. I look forward to long conversations and for new ideas to be brought on the table. You can never know what could come out of this. My bet is on a positive outcome!

Everyone can participate, so if you are one of them, give me a shout!

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