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I N S T A - S L O W A N D E R L U S T E R

5 neutral gender shops to begin your journey to motherhood.

Is it pink or blue? Since the 19th century the colors pink and blue have been used as gender signifiers, particularly when it came to babies and young children. But when did pink and blue become so gender specific? Up until the beginning of the 20th century, both sexes used to wear easily bleached white dresses until the age of 6, meaning that gender neutral clothing was the norm -these mums knew what they were doing. Since then, things have slowly shifted and gradually we settled to where we are today.

From baby clothes, to the design of your baby's new nursery room, to baby showers people tend to choose between these two colors to get prepared and in the mood for welcoming their babies. Personally, I would never think of buying gender specific clothes for my little one, but following a recent experience I had with some family members I was caught by surprise on how people think around that matter. I generally lean towards more neutral palette colors myself, I love white and pastel shades and can't even imagine how to begin having to turn down everyone kindly offering you pink or blue baby gifts. Some of them may even think you are crazy! Trust me, it happens.

I recently read on a post explaining the pregnancy scans process -unfortunately, can't recall where exactly I read this right now- on a side note, that a 20 week ultrasound scan can tell you the sex of your baby but not the gender. I found the fact that it was mentioned interesting. I wouldn't be able to choose between my baby's sex, I would never have a preference. I think it's of secondary importance. But I understand some people do. And when it comes to gender, you simply love your baby unconditionally and use your best efforts to raise the best human possible. Everything else is inessential. Thus, no pink nor blue!

So on a different note I had recently met some of my girlfriends, one thing led to another and we ended up exchanging info on our favourite 'all around the baby' online shops in the UK and abroad. Opinions differed when it came to color choices but there was one thing we all agreed to. The cuteness of those little things is real! Have a look on all the adorable -neutral colored- things you could be looking at from these below shops. Whether blue, white or pink they are all just supremely cute!

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