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I N S T A - S L O W A N D E R L U S T E R

My essential oils' blend.

From calming your nerves to easing nausea and promoting contractions, essential oils seem to be helping ease labor in a bunch of ways. I am not a licensed herbalist myself, thus before deciding to bring along an oil blend on your d'day speak with your midwife. According to Jessie Hawkins, clinical researcher, aromatherapy educator and the lead researcher on a clinical trial for essential oils during pregnancy, 'Pregnant women should keep in mind that scent is powerful and is connected to deep memories we may not even consciously recall. So an aroma can bring back deeply held feelings -both positive and negative.' For that reason, she recommends testing essential oils for any 'scent memories' before the intensity of childbirth.

There are different ways to use essential oils and for multiple purposes. You can apply the oils on your surrounding surfaces -pillows and sheets-, you can use a diffuser, or you can use a spray bottle to slightly freshen up the room atmosphere. You can also mix them with other carrier, or vegetable based oils and apply directly to your skin. Almond or sweet almond is a fantastic carrier oil to mix with essential oils, ideal for massages and also a great moisturiser for during pregnancy and against fighting stretch marks. As a general rule, be cautious not to use essential oils in excess, as they can potentially cause or intensify headaches and/or irritate your skin and make you dizzy for some time.

I am personally considering a couple of options at the moment on how to better use my oils, but haven't come to a decision yet. I am probably gonna have to wait and judge how I might feel on the day. One way I am definitely contemplating is to use them during and in between warm baths in combination with my lavender/peppermint formula bath set from C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries. I first discovered this bewildering apothecary during my last year trip to NY and I instantly fell in love with the deep aromas and the calming effects after each bath I was having, so it's definitely a must to carry with me on the day -they also come in a travel kit size. You can also find them in the UK, I re-purchase mine -shampoo/ conditioner/ body lotion- from Net-A-Porter.

Another alternative is to create a water based blend that I could use whether on a small portable diffuser or spray my bring-from-home pillows a couple of times in advance so the smell is more settled. That way the scent won't be too intense and in extension it won't affect the baby upon arrival or the lady in labor using the room later on; most likely it will hopefully be deeply refreshing instead. I am also planning to pack some cotton balls in my hospital bag, so another way would be to inhale through them some drops for a few times and place them inside my pillow case. Not all oils can be used for all purposes, so let's have a look on essential oils ideal for during labor.


boost of energy

natural remedy for nausea, headaches, dizziness

Red Mandarin |

Lemon |

Citrus Blossom

reducing labor-related stress and anxiety

revives flagging energy and spirits

helps lower pain levels

safe for baby when born


significantly reduces labor anxiety

safe for both mom and baby

Clary Sage

very calming and grounding oil

promoting strong, regular contractions

help eases the pain


soothing, comforting

calming effect especially for hard labor

it can help improve sleep and ease insomnia during and post labor


its flowery scent can lift your mood

massaging can help ease back pain and discomfort

helps a slow labour get going


decreases diastolic blood pressure

reduces stress/anxiety


helps you stay grounded and centred

slows, deepens breathing, useful to aid hypnobirthing

deeply meditative

*Always be cautious of where you purchase your products from. Not all essential oils are safe for use, or are made with the same care.


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