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Our top gains, Week 12

Recently it's been all about playing, and playing some more! Obviously our baby continues to have her eating and sleeping routines, which are constantly changing, so between those and us parents trying to make sure that we eat and bath ourselves 'occasionally', there isn't much free time for playing -really. Some days are better than others, so generally I would say there is no rule. During the past few weeks, we discovered that we have control over our hands and have gotten super wild about it. Hitting our moses-basket surfaces like a little caged animal, banging our head, eating our hands like a little hamster, grabbing and/or trying to reach for things, tickling mama's tummy during feedings or kneading her breasts. All of them sweet and somewhat weird new activities. Based on our developmental progress we are focusing on hands and sensory activities. A lot of rattles and noise, and things that we can chew! We are a little bit ahead of our time by investing on toys for slightly older babies but we simply can't handle it.

1) 10 Pieces Baby Rattles and Sensory Teething Play Toys for Newborns, 0-18 months. Teething toys BPA free for infants early development. 10 different toy shakers, teethers, weights, keys, rattles, and more all perfectly sized for their small hands. Each rattle packed into one OPP bag. Sensory and educational development boosters to assist babies' early development and learning. Each of these items will help to develop their fine motor skills, colour cognition, and sensory abilities - a smart choice for smart kids.

2) Tumama 12 Baby Soft Building Blocks. Each block has an embossed animal, shape, fruit, number and a geometrical pattern on each side helping develop babies' sense of touch and vision by touching and observing these embossed patterns. Soft, durable, easy to stack, can be squeezed and will make a squeak sound. Made by natural and safe resin, they can be boiled at 100C without deformation, no fading, making them a safe option for your baby. Soft, chewable for +6 months babies' first teeth.

3) Little Dutch, Rainbow Pink. This wooden rainbow is a stacking tower in the shape of a beautiful rainbow. Children can use these semi-circular shapes to play and learn at the same time. They can stack the arches or use their imagination to make all kinds of creations, like a train tunnel, a house for little dolls or bridges for small cars. There are endless possibilities!

4) Little Dutch, Xylophone Blue. This cute wooden xylophone is a perfect introduction to music-making for young children. They can experiment with rhythm and note combinations to create their own songs. An easy-to-grasp wooden mallet is included. Strike the right keys and develop your musical talent!

5) Mushie Stacking Rings Toy Original. Made from 100% non-toxic, BPA and phthalate free plastic, these beautiful stacking rings are fun and engaging for your baby to look at, while stacking and grasping the pieces helps them develop their organisation and motor skills.


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