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Pack-your-bag checklist.

Planning is my area of expertise. Organising, executing, putting in order, listing, I love all those things. My life is all planned on a daily planner basis over hundreds and hundreds of to-do-lists. I always look forward to receive the pleasure of getting everything ticked off each one of em. So, is it the time to pack-your-bag for the hospital yet? Let's see all the essentials and non-essentials you need to pre-plan in order to be all set and worry-free in time for labour. Some people wait until the 38th week, I personally think week 36 works best for me, as things doesn't always go as planned and I want to have peace of mind.

What to do in advance

People claim that coming back home from the hospital, you won't be in a physical or mental state to do much more than rest and care for your baby, so they recommend to do as much planning possible in advance. Stock up your cupboard on basics, snacks and ready meals. Cook some extra meals in advance and freeze them and remember to buy some extra toilet paper, sanitary towels and nappies for the weeks to come. We are currently living under another lockdown, so you could potentially start with your preparations slightly earlier than what you would normally do. You don't wanna have to queue for hours outside 'wait'rose during your final weeks of pregnancy for a 12pack of toilet paper.

Your partner is an important asset during this time, even though sometimes it looks like you are 'carrying all the weight' in this relationship. When the time comes, he needs to ensure that he will be in his right mind and ready to take action whether you are capable or not to do so yourself. He is responsible for all the important hospital documents -including your birth plan if you have one. He must already have all the important numbers saved on speed dial -the maternity department emergency call line, the midwifery clinic, hospital numbers etc. He also needs to have a transport plan pre-arranged for before and after labour with a car seat in mind and some cash aside for parking, vending machines or whatever might come up; you don't wanna have to run to an ATM last minute.

I would say start using the following checklist, or any checklist really, a couple of weeks before you finally pack your bag. A few of the things included will require a bit longer than what you think. Shops aren't currently performing as usual if not already closed, their stock is poor and delivery times can vary dramatically this days. You will also have to wash and iron everything in advance, the first step towards the new reality of your future routine. For baby clothes washing it is recommended to use non-bio products, we purchased ours from Amazon. You may find a few extras on the below list, or something that's missing. This is our personalised list including some of the products we have purchased for ourselves, so feel free to drop me a line with any comments. Remember the most important thing to bring along is a positive attitude :)

For the mum-to-be

A change of clothes for when your water breaks

Two changes of comfy clothes

Something loose to wear during labour

Two nursing bras

Postpartum briefs -disposable or not (x5)

Toiletries bag incl. hairbrush, toothbrush/toothpaste, shampoo/shower gel, deodorant, hand cream/body moisturiser, lip balm, hair ties, cleansing facial wipes, tissues, make-up kit, contact lenses, glasses, braces kit, any medicine you're taking & a hair drier

Soothing perineal spray -I got Bottoms Up Soothing Spray

Witch Hazel & some cottons pads

Bath & Hand towels

Dressing gown, nighties, slippers, a pair of socks

Swimsuit top in case you are planning a water birth

Water spray to cool you down -I got Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray 300ml

Essential oil blend/diffuser -will share mine on a future post

1-2 Pillows w/pillow-cases for extra comfort

A book to help you relax while waiting

Snacks & drinks -you may have to stay longer than expected, you definitely don't want to starve

Sanitiser and face masks -unfortunately there is still a pandemic out there

For the baby

Onesies & Sleep-suits

A pram-suit for winter babies

A going home outfit

Scratch mittens, socks, booties & a warm hat

A couple of dozen nappies & wipes extra sensitive

Diapering Kit, I got a Mustela birth kit

A blanket to keep him/her warm

Muslin squares

2 Feeding bottles -in case you are unable to breastfeed

Everything (X2) if you are expecting twins

For the dad-to-be

Hospital reference number & medical record

Your birth plan/notes

1-2 Changes of clothes & underwear

Swimsuit if you are planning a water birth

A towel and some toiletries incl. toothbrush & soap

Snacks & drinks -partners can get fairly hungry too

Camera w/tripod stand

Phone chargers, portable power core w/cables, headphones, phones, a book or i-pad

Car seat for the ride home

Some cash, wallet & keys

Sanitiser & face masks


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