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S L O W A N D E R L U S T E R is a blog devoted to daily slow wandering and storytelling, travel, architecture, lifestyle, and finding the beauty of any kind in the everyday. 

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I N S T A - S L O W A N D E R L U S T E R

What's the nicest thing someone has told you recently?

~ I love you very much, so you know.

You are the only person that I know of, whom I can talk to without the fear of being judged.

You focus on the other person's problem a hundred per cent, unconditionally~

Nothing is more precious than being present and in the moment. To just listen and be fully aware. To try and understand. What else can anyone ask for. I never thought about it much, I never realised I had the quality -if I indeed do have it. I guess deep inside I could be wishing someone would someday do this for me too. There are only five words that could help relieve someone's hopelessness and they mean so much more than a simple I love you. I am here for you. Just being there for someone can sometimes bring hope when all seems hopeless. Take the effort, walk the extra mile. Support is the greatest gift you can give to a friend, a neighbour, a nobody.

When I heard those words I cried for some time. Of course I would cry with anything this days, but it wasn't just that. I felt special. I was deeply moved. Maybe that's also partially my narcissistic human nature. I never understood which one comes first. I have always been difficult with friendships. Don't get me wrong. I know plenty of people, people whom I love and enjoy hanging out with. And I allow myself to connect with people on a daily basis in so many different levels. But this deeper connection I have only achieved with a handful of people throughout my whole life. If you reach my heart, you have found a forever haven.

For me a strong friendship doesn't need daily conversation, nor does it always need togetherness. It does not need to be fed like a loving partnership on a daily basis. Two friends, unlike two lovers can easily survive distance and it can even bring them closer. I always found bizarre how my closest friends are the ones I barely see during the years. In a way, our bond is imprinted in our souls and would never be diminished by time or distance. We may be living in distance, but never far away. The last couple of years the realisation that for some people time passes in a different manner has also become even more distinct. How long or how much is enough for each person is strongly individualised. Seeing my closest friends 4-5 times a year, even when we happen to live in the same country, sometimes actually feels frequent..

What's the nicest thing someone has told you recently?

Try to give it some thought. Do you even recall what it could be? Sometimes we are so consumed by all the negativity around us [...] why my boss complaint about this, have I issued this on time, is everything I do wrong, my friend didn't call for 3 weeks not even to check on me, my mum bought my sister a gift for her birthday but didn't get me anything, my besties hang out way more while I am not even there. Think. It's difficult isn't it?


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